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You’re a Talented Creative, A Budding Designer, A VP of Design, The Founder of a Consultancy...

You’ve tasted what it’s like to be creative, to use your talents to create something beautiful, to build something and solve problems that change lives. You’ve had your successes and you’re ready to to influence the world at the next level and make a bigger impact, but, you’ve been noticing, you’re not getting the response that you used to get. You might be finding yourself dreading the very projects that used to bring you excitement. The work you are doing and the energy you are putting into it is losing its luster, and, somehow, you know people are starting to notice. 

You want to get your career to the next level - perhaps to a new industry or even to jump to a new profession altogether - but whatever you’ve tried, it’s not working.

With your tenured experience in the creative industry, you should be at the top of your game by now – but you’re not. You’ve tried all that you know to get there, but the needle hasn’t moved. You need that next pivotal job or client: one that’s utilizing your talents, stretching your muscles, and taking your career to another level, where your work is valued and the results you deliver recognized – but somehow you’ve fallen off the industry radar. You may be getting offers, but they are just not the jobs or clients you want. You’re dying to get back to that high point in your career, but now, no matter what you try, you are not being seen or heard. 

You’re tired of wasted years using the traditional and conventional methods. You just want to get back to making creative impact: You’ve read the books, you’ve networked, you’ve gone to career coaches, you’ve taken the classes, you’ve gotten the degrees… and you’re STILL stuck.

There comes a point where you need to stop making excuses for yourself and do the true work you need to do to get where you want to be – no if’s, and’s, or but’s. You are not alone.

Many Creative Professionals today are finding themselves stuck in a job or profession they once enjoyed, that they woke up in the morning excited to get to work for… but as time goes on they find it’s taking them down a path that is further from their goals. They’re at a place where they can barely recognize the Creative they once were.   

Having worked in the nexus between business and design, and between employers and talent, we understand the confusion that lies between. As you move down the career game, you begin to question your value and doubt rears its ugly head. “How did I get here?”

You have one life. There are no “do-overs”.

Everyone Deserves to THRIVE!

We understand how talent evolves or, more so, what you need to understand about how to make it evolve. We’ve helped hundreds of Creatives build careers that they love and THRIVE in. 

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Thrive By Design was founded on a mission to help talented change agents and creative professionals understand how to thrive.

Whatever your situation may be, Yeh IDeology’s Thrive By Design comprehensive program will help you: 1) assess your talent profile and qualify the best combination of your abilities, 2) identify the top possible avenues for growth and map out the opportunities, 3) build a successful career plan to reaching your ideal future today. Through this methodology, you will develop your own career strategy plan that evolves with you as you and the job market as it evolves so that you’re not only staying relevant but you’re identifying where you can continue to succeed best. You’ll build on your career goals and master techniques to land your future milestones.

Thriving in your career means doing what you love, making serious impact, AND getting recognized to the point you’re winning the recognition, advancement, and compensation you deserve.  Use our proven methodology to quickly get you back on track to working on something you love, using your best skills impacting the world in the way only you know how.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our Thrive By Design 8-week program is specialized for design professionals to catapult their careers to new heights.

The larger outcome, even beyond any goal of the client, is to help the client reach higher performance in all areas of their life. There is a set of specific questions that are followed in each unique session. And each session also has a training component, where the TBD teaches the client a new habit, tool, or concept that furthers their education and growth in that area. In short, there is a curriculum in TBD, a true roadmap for progress that allows the coach and client to consistently feel that each session is adding value and advancing the client in life, no matter their goal.

The program was designed to help you 

  • leverage your skills and strengths so you can identify your career paths and build a strategy that will get the job and compensation you deserve.
  • develop a toolkit that will adapt your career path for the future, and crack the code of what employers/clients are looking for.
  • learn the key methods of how to represent yourself to actually land that next opportunity. 
  • See and understand which industries, markets, and opportunities are right for you. 
  • Identify yourself and frame your work and your skills
  • Negotiate when interviewing for new jobs and promotions for advancement and a raise.
  • Represent what you are worth and learn how to earn the compensation you deserve
  • Prepare for the first 90 days of your new role and learn how to ‘show up’ once you're in the doors so that you can continue to progress in your new job.

The goal of this program is to have you leave with an understanding of exactly what the next career path is right for you.

Thrive By Design is for you if… 

  • You’ve been a design, strategy & innovation professional for 10 - 30 years. 
  • You are career-driven and not satisfied with just having a job that pays a salary, while keeping your passions as hobbies on the side. 
  • Your goal isn't necessarily an increase in compensation, but being valued and honored for the magnitude of impact you bring to the table.
  • You’re thinking long term, not just about the next job, and you want a proven strategic game plan to know that you’re investing in building a solid career not guessing every single career move.
  • You are tired of moving randomly from one job to another, feeling like you’re not advancing in your career.
  • You’ve read every article, tried different workshops, and even worked with career coaches but you are still stuck.
  • You want the dream career where your employers/clients truly value design, they look to you to change the world, and they pay you handsomely for it.

Thrive By Design is not for you if…

  • You just want another job
  • You are more casual about career advancement goals, and not looking to make advancements or pivots in your career.
  • You do not have a healthy respect for quality of life, respect for people, and their talent

Through the TBD Masterclass program, you will get:

  • 2 months of Thriver Weekly Group Sessions - Live group coaching in a small private group with other ambitious, driven, creative professionals on a weekly schedule.
  • 8 modules of an online program taught by Angela Yeh - Walk you through Self-Assessment, Opportunity Mapping, and Framing & Branding yourself.
  • 3 private 1:1 sessions with Angela to develop a career strategy plan specifically for you.
  • Unlimited membership in a private online group for Thrive By Design Masterclass members for the life of the program.
  • Lifetime membership to online community to connect with 100+ Thrivers, our design community.

Thriver Group Sessions are one of the most valuable aspects of the program. Sessions will be held during weekday hours. These are Zoom recorded so you can go back and listen. 

In group sessions, we discuss everyone's current situations at work, do interview role play and resume/portfolio review, and plot strategies around actions they need to take. 

For thrivers who are not able to make the group session - They can send their works to us. We’ll review their works during the session so they can watch the replay at a later time.

Keep in mind many Thrivers have full-time high consuming jobs and they are all making room to fit the Thriver Sessions in their busy lives. They know that doing the work to refine their own abilities is the main factor in calling in their best future.  So they are committed to putting aside this time in their schedule. This is a commitment to yourself to call in your best future. Some claim this time as lunch and or person development time.

This program is not just about how to win promotion to the next level, write  a resume and or portfolio, how to interview, how to negotiate. This program is about how to see and honor your abilities as a creative change agent and holistically understanding how you as gifted creative change agent will thrive doing work that’s meaningful, realizing how it brings value, and claiming that value. As a side bonus you will learn how to identify opportunities you will thrive in, how to frame your expertise in resume, portfolio and in person discovery calls and interviews in such a way that you will navigate the job market outside of the framework of the system as it exists today.

The program is designed to work with your current working situations. People have spent as little as two hours a week to two hours a day.

The amount of work you can put into this is how quickly you will see results.

After you graduate from the program, you’ll have all the training and resources you need to identify and qualify for opportunities for the rest of your career. 

Throughout the program, you will be given 8 modules with action steps exercises. Each module teaches you a different perspective of all the various issues affecting you in your career transition. However, you're not expected to complete all your Action Steps thoroughly in 8 weeks. After you graduate, you will still have to access these modules. So you can go through the program at your pace and work schedule. 

We also have a private Linkedin & Facebook community for you to connect with other design professionals. From there, you’ll always be able to ask the community any question you want in our private group.

The investment for this program is above $5K but below $12K. Right now, it's on the lower end of that range, although I'll be raising it several times in 2022 and may get to the higher end by the end of this year. This is quite small for the life-changing results as well as the ability to come back to these tools again and again throughout your career in the future.

Within weeks of the program, thrivers will immediately recognize and identify how their career and their expertise are evolving. it's not just about industry, company name, title, or compensation. It's much more nuanced than that. Within a few weeks, you're going to realize what is unique about your body of expertise and how it's evolving and you'll be able to quickly identify what channels of opportunity are viable for you next and how to.

After you graduate, you can continue attending group sessions and receiving ongoing coaching and community access if you sign up for our Accelerator Program to stay connected with other design allies. Some choose to get that help and others can run with the clarity that they get from the Thrive By Design 8 week program.

"Fantastic is the word that comes to mind when I think about my experience with Angela Yeh's "Thrive by Design" program. I never imagined how energizing the company of other design professionals could be. I enrolled at the beginning of the pandemic and feel buoyed by this experience. Angela's background as a designer AND a recruiter has helped her evolve into a skilled and articulate guide; offering detailed advice and ideas one on one and in group meetings. The participants are taught to understand their value in order to improve, change or completely pivot from a stagnant work situation. The support everyone receives and gives is unparalleled by any other type of career development program I explored. TBD has also enriched other aspects of my life; including relationships with my partner, family and friends. I only wish I had done this type of work early on in my career. If you are a design professional who is willing to put in effort to improve and grow in a safe, supportive environment I suggest you check out her program."

Leslie Asch
Soft Goods Product Development & Design Strategist

"Through the Thrive program I learned how to pitch myself to non-designers and went through a journey of self discovery that was greatly aided by support from Angela and being inspired by other Thrive members. This journey is what led me to my goal of expanding from leading design teams to leading product teams where I could be involved in the entire product development process from first idea to business validation, design and prototyping, manufacturing, and market launch. I was also inspired to go back to school in order to earn a masters in business and technology. With Angela’s coaching I have now successfully landed a director of product position in a new industry and completed my first term of grad school. And one of the best surprises along the way was making some great friends in the program. The Thrive program helped me to discover my highest career ambitions while also thinking about my family and personal life and helped to unlock a new path for me where I am learning, growing, and happy with my career. I highly recommend Angela and the Thrive By Design program."

Graham Sadtler
Director of Product Management, Aden & Anais

"I'm several months out of the TBD program and definitely feeling the results. Some results since TBD: billable consulting hours have more than doubled from last year, billing at higher rates, with one client on retainer agreement, more clients in target industries (fashion, decor and branding), more consistent clients, able to quit part-time and teaching jobs to focus on consulting, hired an intern, built a brand complete with a new line of products to be launched on Amazon in under 4 months, and 2 high profile speaking engagements! "

Heather Blaikie
Product Development & Design Consultant

"The Thrive By Design course I took with Angela was a career highlight. I have a 20 year old brand strategy company that I needed to "refresh" and Angela's course proved to be extremely effective. In my journey to reposition my company, I also flew to Las Vegas to take Tony Robbins' 5-day Business Mastery course. Angela's Thrive By Design course was far and away more superior. (I walked out of the Tony Robbins course! It did NOT work for me) She knows the design and branding community inside and out, which was imperative to my revitalization efforts and she gets to know the individuals she's working with which was invaluable. The outcomes of this TBD journey were beyond expectations; I had 4 strong directions I could pursue at the end of the 8 week period. I now have two directions that have form-fitted together as one unique company and I'm now working toward bringing it all to life. I strongly recommend her service for anyone in design or branding who is considering a career change or entrepreneurs who need to revitalize an existing company or start a new one. The approach is business-like, yet fun, smart and efficient. An A+ in my book!!!!"

Cheryl Swanson
Founder, Managing Partner at Toniq LLC

"Before I started working with Angela, I had just moved back to the US from China. I had been practicing design for 15 years, but having been out of the country for so long, my professional network was practically nonexistent. Industrial Design is such a niche profession that it was hard enough to find opportunities, let alone secure one. I realized I had to seek help to figure out what my strengths are and what I wanted to achieve. The best designers tend to be lone islands of confidence, but sometimes you have to reach out and find guidance to learn and get moving. Yeh IDeology helped me get on this path and move in that direction by not only looking for a job but by propelling myself into more new experiences to gain a better understanding my skillset and what I bring to the table."

Daniel Chu
Founder of Pragmatc Innovation, LLC

" (Angela is) an amazing entrepreneur, an influential leader in the design and talent strategy space. She has helped me multiple times throughout my career and she’s helped tons of executives in the design and advertising space, rediscover their passion, realign their career goals and repackage them for the new economy. She is a powerhouse. "

Mel Lim
Strategist, Author, Keynote Speaker

What If you could...

Get the ideal job with the ideal compensation, even if you’ve been stuck in the same job for what feels like forever, and are worried you’re just not cut out for anything better. Be absolutely confident about your work, without living in a constant state of “if only” and “what if”, even if you no longer know where you fit in the industry anymore.


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