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Thrive By Design is actively advancing, inspiring, and connecting design professionals through this Masterclass. We support them to evolve their best expertise and self-awareness, opening up possibilities for design professionals.


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If you are a design professional who has brought creative change and impact to the industry, chances are you face obstacles like these

You are not alone.


At Thrive By Design we value and teach

How to 
Represent Yourself

 Learning how to network and represent yourself well with accuracy to go beyond the first few interviews.


  Understanding where opportunities are and how the design industry is structured so you can excel and win the job.

Talent & Industry Calibration

  Confirming where your expertise stands in the industry and identifying where you offer the highest value.


Self assessing and understanding your talent algorithm by looking at your strengths and weaknesses so you can stand out from others.

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Meet Our Thrivers

Graham Sadtler

Director of Product Management at Aden & Anais

"Through the Thrive By Design program I learned how to pitch myself to non-designers and went through a journey of self discovery that was greatly aided by support from Angela and being inspired by other Thrive members..."

Zoe Middleton

Senior Product Manager at 

“One of the viable parts of Thrive By Design is the community, just priceless! The people, to connect with, to learn from and grow. I would never have had the chance to connect with a wide range of amazing people..."

Ginger Dhaliwal

Co-Founder & CPO at Upflex

“Angela helped me to evaluate more than just my skillset, she helped me qualify the best pivot to reach for and helped me create a mindset for success. Through Angela’s empowering support and guidance I was able to change my...

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Why Thrive By Design


Supportive and Inspiring Community

Join a trusted community of like-minded and creative professionals motivating you to stay accountable and to evolve your career faster.

Fast and Effective

Within 8 - 24 weeks of the TBD program, Thrivers are winning jobs where they are advancing their career higher and earning more money than they have ever earned before.

Healthy Investment and Effort

Prevent burnout from endless hours of interviewing, rebranding, and risking landing opportunities not right for you. Invest in something that will shape your future for the better.

"With the guidance and support from Thrive By Design and Angela, I was able to represent my value and gain the recognition I deserve."
- Becky Siciu
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As a Thriver, you will gain


Eight Modules of an Online Program Taught by Angela

Walking you through Self-Assessment, Opportunity Mapping, and Framing & Branding yourself.

Two Months of  Weekly Thriver Group Sessions

Live group coaching with Angela and other ambitious, driven, creative professionals on a weekly schedule.

Three Private 1:1 sessions with Angela

Individual sessions with Angela, who will guide and help you develop a career strategy plan specifically for you.

Lifetime Access to Thrivers Community

Unlimited membership in a private online group for Thrive By Design Masterclass members for the life of the program.

See if the program is right for you

Meet Angela Yeh

Angela is a Career Strategist, public speaker, and industry expert on talent evolution with over 12,000 followers. She is the founder of Yeh IDeology, a leading Design, Strategy & Innovation recruitment firm in the United States, helping companies build the right design team to take their business to the next level.

To continue her mission to help the design community, Angela founded and built Thrive By Design, an executive career coaching program that helps design professionals take charge of their careers and find the path to consistently stay in roles they thrive in.

With over 20 years of executive coaching and recruitment specializing in design, strategy, & innovation, Angela developed a proven methodology that has helped thousands of creative professionals learn how to move from being stuck in complacency to owning their own futures.

Angela also interviews guests on her podcast - Designing Futures and shares career tips on her Linkedin Live.


How to Join Thrive By Design

Fill out a form

Interested in joining Thrive By Design? Fill out this quick questionnaire and see if the program is right for you.

(Takes 7+ minutes)


Assessment call with Angela

Angela will assess where you are in your career, analyze your challenges, and strategize a plan for you to experience the TBD proven methods.

Become a Thriver!

You will commit to improving yourself with consistent 1:1 meetings with Angela and weekly Thriver Group Sessions with other Thrivers.


Meet Our Thrivers

Francesca Suman

Project Manager for SARS CoV-2 Research and Clinical Trials

When I found your company and the Thrive By Design Program description, I said, ‘this is exactly what I need: this guidance, this structure, this network…

Patricia Olshan

Professional Program Manager at Boston Society for Architecture

“Working with Angela is like having a coach, mentor, friend and yes, a spirit guide all in one. She seems to know when you are in need of a reboot even if you can’t yet pinpoint what path...

Mo Irfan

Founder, Managing Partner at Toniq LLC

"Every conversation with Angela has been inspiring and insightful. I found her approach to unlocking creative potential, through helping to address and understand critical thinking..."

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Ready to Transform your Career?

You can
  • Get the ideal job with the ideal compensation when you have been stuck in the same job and unsure of your next move.
  • Identify industries, markets, and opportunities right for you, without wasting time and effort guessing your next move.
  • Recognize where you stand in the industry and how to advance without living in a constant state of “if only” and “what if.”

Thrive By Design was designed to help you develop a long-term career strategy plan to reach success! 

Pick a time for a free Career Strategy Call with Angela and see if Thrive By Design is right for you.

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