Success Stories

Ginger Dhaliwal

Co-Founder & CPO at Upflex

Angela is an incredible resource and extremely talented career strategist. I met Angela when I was in a great position with lots of flexibility and what some would consider a dream role. Although I was in a great position, I didn’t feel challenged or fulfilled and I had been casually searching for a new direction for a few years and didn't want to waste time investing in moving the wrong direction. 

Angela helped me to evaluate more than just my skillset, she helped me qualify the best pivot to reach for and helped me create a mindset for success. Through Angela’s empowering support and guidance I was able to change my path and ultimately get my own startup off the ground and we're now in a seed round of funding. It's her inherent ability to understand and see one’s strengths, limitations, passions that helped me to pivot my career path. I am incredibly grateful to have met Angela and would recommend her to any business professional or entrepreneur ready to make their next move. 

Graham Sadtler

Leader in Product Development | Design and UX | Digital Health | IOT

I had been working for the same company for close to 19 years. I had a very successful and satisfying career there but felt it was time to move on to challenge myself to do something new. Before I started working with Angela and the Thrive By Design program, I had no idea what I wanted to do next and was aimlessly applying to jobs. Through the Thrive program I learned how to pitch myself to non-designers and went through a journey of self discovery that was greatly aided by support from Angela and being inspired by other Thrive members. This journey is what led me to my goal of expanding from leading design teams to leading product teams where I could be involved in the entire product development process from first idea to business validation, design and prototyping, manufacturing, and market launch. I was also inspired to go back to school in order to earn a masters in business and technology. With Angela’s coaching I have now successfully landed a director of product position in a new industry and completed my first term of grad school. And one of the best surprises along the way was making some great friends in the program. The Thrive program helped me to discover my highest career ambitions while also thinking about my family and personal life and helped to unlock a new path for me where I am learning, growing, and happy with my career. I highly recommend Angela and the Thrive By Design program.

Cheryl Swanson

Founder, Managing Partner at Toniq LLC

“The Thrive By Design course I took with Angela was a career highlight. I have a 20 year old brand strategy company that I needed to "refresh" and Angela's course proved to be extremely effective. In my journey to reposition my company, I also flew to Las Vegas to take Tony Robbins' 5-day Business Mastery course. Angela's Thrive By Design course was far and away more superior. (I walked out of the Tony Robbins course! It did NOT work for me) She knows the design and branding community inside and out, which was imperative to my revitalization efforts and she gets to know the individuals she's working with which was invaluable. The outcomes of this TBD journey were beyond expectations; I had 4 strong directions I could pursue at the end of the 8 week period. I now have two directions that have form-fitted together as one unique company and I'm now working toward bringing it all to life. I strongly recommend her service for anyone in design or branding who is considering a career change or entrepreneurs who need to revitalize an existing company or start a new one. The approach is business-like, yet fun, smart and efficient. An A+ in my book!!!!”

Patricia Olshan

Professional Program Manager at Boston Society for Architecture

"Working with Angela is like having a coach, mentor, friend and yes, a spirit guide all in one. She seems to know when you are in need of a reboot even if you can’t yet pinpoint what path to take. Working through professional accomplishments as well as chatting through personal traits, together we developed goals to that were attainable and aspirational.

Angela has a way of walking you through your goals to build more confidence in yourself and finding your niche – whether it’s today or down the road. It’s rare when you can connect with someone who truly cares and believes in your potential. Even when I have my lingering doubts (who doesn't?!), I hear Ang’s voice helping me push through. She really is all that!"

Zoe Middleton

Senior Product Manager at NJOY

"When I joined TBD, I was informed that my position would be eliminated. I was unsure of where I wanted to go with my career and how to showcase myself properly. One of the viable parts of TBD is the community, just priceless! The people, to connect with, learn and grow. I would never have had the chance to connect with a wide range of amazing people. Personally, the portfolio review was beneficial. 

You never know when you need to be on, TBD helped me with my various pitches. And to map out your career future.

What you put into the program is what you will get out of it. Once you get to where you were working to, continue to practice, and remember to have fun! 

My portfolio is now more substantial; I have a lot of great work to share and show. I have a very clear focus on my future and various directions on how I can be successful. 

I recently accepted a new position outside of the design industry (still in the consumer goods market). I am excited for my next chapter in my career and what my future will be. If you are ready to put in the work, and I mean work, the TBD is prepared for you to get the best results."

Francesca Suman

Project Manager for SARS CoV-2 Research and Clinical Trials

"By the time I came to Thrive By Design, I was done - I had nothing left in me. I needed a tribe, I needed a mentor, I needed a group. As much as I tried to create those supports through other networks... it didn't work. Thrive By Design is exactly what I needed - the guidance and structure and network that I just didn't have. 

Everybody comes from a different place - physically, geographically - but we're all connected through this internal drive to do more.

The initial investment in the program is nothing compared to what you're losing in the long run without it. What you gain is worth so much more."

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